Raul PAL: “bitcoin is really priceless»

Raul PAL: “bitcoin is really priceless»

Former hedge Fund Manager and CEO of the Real Vision channel Raul PAL in the next issue of the global Macro Investor mailing list called bitcoin a truly priceless asset.

In the latest newsletter, Raoul Pal recommends reading a few books to understand the full value of the first cryptocurrency and called bitcoin priceless, as it is “the most solid of all assets»:

“A safe asset with a limited supply has true value. It is divisible, easy to move, and well – suited for trading. This potentially makes it the most valuable asset for storing wealth, ” says an experienced investor.

Raul PAL noted that bitcoin can be a great reserve and collateral asset. Currently, such assets are mainly government bonds, especially US Treasury securities. However, the policy of quantitative easing devalues currencies and, along with them, debt securities. Bitcoin is better suited for storing reserves, since Central banks cannot issue new coins. And the blockchain technology itself reduces the risk of a “black Swan” for the owners of this asset.

In conclusion, the CEO of Real Vision wrote that although bitcoin can become a form of money, it is unlikely that it will act in this capacity:

“If everyone expects the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate, then no one will spend it. They will only accumulate.”

In may, Raul PAL said that the bitcoin exchange rate could exceed $1 million by 2025.