Nayuta introduced a mobile wallet for Android with Lightning Network support

Nayuta introduced a mobile wallet for Android with Lightning Network support

Japanese startup Nayuta has released a mobile wallet for Android with Lightning Network support and a built-in full Bitcoin node.

The new app allows users to connect to the Lightning Network in one of two ways: using the built-in full Bitcoin node for added security, or via the SPV (Neutrino) node version, which is not as secure but takes up much less space.

“Using a full node is the only real way to find out if you have received BTC. If you don’t use a full node, you always have to trust the wallet operator’s node or the miners,” said Christian Moss, a mobile app developer at Nayuta.

The app uses the ABCore fork, which makes it easier to run a full node on Android devices. Creating a full-fledged node that is easy to run has long been the main goal for many Bitcoin developers.

“For everyday use, it is definitely more convenient and practical to use a wallet without a full node. However, it is important to have access to the full node for cases where the network has been attacked, ” moss said.

In addition to allowing users to choose either a full node or an SPV node running in the background, there is a third “hybrid” mode that allows the wallet to automatically switch between them.

“In hybrid mode, during the day, when you use the mobile network to access the Internet, the blocks come from Neutrino, and at night, when your phone is charged and connected to Wi – Fi, a full Bitcoin node is launched, which the blocks will check,” said Kenichi Kurimoto, CEO of Nayuta.

Moss is confident that over time it will be easier to run A full bitcoin node on a mobile device. He said:

“Although the current implementation of the Lightning wallet with a full node is not so user-friendly, we believe that research and development in this direction is an elementary task for Bitcoin developers. In the future, as smartphones become more powerful, running A full bitcoin node on a mobile device will be as easy as running a light client wallet today.”

More and more companies are releasing wallets that support the Lightning Network. In October, such a wallet was introduced by the startup ACINQ, and in the summer, a mobile wallet for iPhone with Lightning Network support was released by the startup Breez.