launch a Fund to promote Bitcoin Cash launch a Fund to promote Bitcoin Cash

Company it plans to launch a special investment Fund of $200 million next year to promote the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency.

The Fund called “BCH Ecosystem Investment Fund” will invest in various payment startups that use the blockchain or Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. Payment gateways, money transfer services, and wallets can also count on funding.

“ daily receives from various entrepreneurs from 6 to 8 business plans that use the unique features and capabilities of Bitcoin Cash. We now have the resources to support these entrepreneurs, grow their businesses, and expand BCH adoption, ” the CEO said Stefan rust.

At the moment, not all the details of the Fund are ready, but the company already plans to provide an opportunity for institutional investors to invest their funds in the Fund. Projects seeking outside support they will be able to submit their business plans via a “separate page” in the “near future”.

Recall that in the summer, Stefan rust replaced Roger Ver as CEO In addition, in early September, the company announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange.