CFTC Chairman: “the US should become a global leader in the crypto asset industry»

CFTC Chairman: “the US should become a global leader in the crypto asset industry»

The Chairman of The commodity futures trading Commission (CFTC), Heath Tarbert, said that the United States should become a leader in the global cryptocurrency market.

According to the publication
Law 360, Tarbert believes that the country’s financial authorities and the US Congress should consider simplifying the regulatory framework for digital assets in America. Speaking at the conference, the Chairman said that the US should lead the “blockchain race»:

“I think that America should lead in this area. You see that other countries are starting to invade this industry. As the head of the regulatory body, I want to create a system where innovation can flourish, and if any risks arise, we can deal with them.”

Chairman Tarbert highlighted the confusing nature of cryptocurrency regulation in the US as one of the industry’s main concerns. According to Tarbert, all relevant agencies should work together to create a more streamlined regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies in the US. The CFTC Chairman pointed to several bills submitted to lawmakers as important steps in the process.

According to Tarbert, the US Congress has a key role to play in deciding whether Federal or regional guidelines should influence cryptocurrency Regulation in the country.

Recently it became known that the US Congress is considering
a bill to transfer control of cryptocurrency derivatives to the CFTC. Recently, the CFTC, along with other US regulators, joined the global “sandbox” for FINTECH companies, and before that, the Commission announced the modernization of its FINTECH research division.