The æternity project held a hard fork of Lima

The æternity project held a hard fork of Lima

The development team of the aeternity project announced the third planned hard fork this year, which was named Lima.

After the update, network management was essentially transferred to the public. According to the press release, æternity is supported by one of the most active developer communities. Since management has been transferred to the community, miners may not update the software.

The æternity project hopes to compete with Ethereum and other platforms for creating decentralized applications. As part of the hard fork, the operation of virtual machines was improved and the .chain naming system was launched. The update also introduced a new delegated voting system, which should increase the percentage of user participation.

“The æternity project has grown from a team of developers to an entire ecosystem supported by the community. We have launched a new management system, and VMS have become much faster. Our goal is to create a friendly blockchain platform for developing scalable decentralized applications,” said yanislav Malakhov, founder of aetternity.

Recall that the first of the three planned aeternity hard forks called Minerva was held in March this year. In addition, in early October, it was reported that the digital Party of Uruguay (Uruguay Digital Party) will use the application æternity for internal voting.