Rapper Akon: bitcoin is better than the US dollar

Rapper Akon: bitcoin is better than the US dollar

Musician and Grammy award winner Akon supported cryptocurrencies and said that bitcoin is much better than the US dollar, “provided only by military force.”

“The dollar provides nothing. The US has no natural resources to support the dollar. But they have the military,” rapper Akon said in an interview
on a local radio station.

The rapper stressed that Fiat currencies have not been provided with physical goods or natural resources for a long time. The value of the dollar is supported only by the confidence of the world community in the stability of the US dollar, as well as the power of the us army.

At the same time, cryptocurrencies, according to Akon, are much more promising. They are supported by the people themselves, not by governments, and do not serve the purposes of a particular social group.

Note that the rapper himself plans to
launch your own cryptocurrency Akoin for users from Africa. It will allow young African entrepreneurs to develop and earn more.

Last fall, another American rapper under the pseudonym Soulja Boy released the
single “Bitcoin”. At the same time, in 2017, The US securities and exchange Commission (SEC) called on
celebrities to stop advertising various cryptocurrency projects.