has revealed the conditions for listing ERC20 tokens has revealed the conditions for listing ERC20 tokens

American cryptocurrency exchange has revealed a list of the main technical factors that a project must meet in order to qualify for listing its ERC20 token on the platform.

According to the publication, there are four main factors: the availability of verified source code, the use of libraries that meet industry standards, the limited role of privileged participants, and a simple and modular design.

As blockchain security engineer Nadir Akhtar explained, verified source code is a requirement of paramount importance for listing. It offers developers to upload code to proven platforms, such as Etherscan or Github.

In addition, recommends using ready-made smart contract standards and not writing all the code from scratch, as this increases the risks of the token. In particular, developers can use the OpenZeppelin smart contract repository.

However, administrator rights in the smart contract must be restricted. If a contract allows its Creator to stop transactions, change user account balances, or completely change the token logic, the probability of such an asset being listed on decreases.

Among other things, pays attention to the availability of third-party audits, detailed documentation, code compliance with the latest version of the Solidity language, and testing tools for finding bugs. The exchange notes that one mistake by developers can result in multimillion-dollar losses.