Waves to DEX added support for token standard ERC-20

Waves to DEX added support for token standard ERC-20

The Waves blockchain platform has announced support for ERC-20 tokens on its decentralized trading platform. SKOLKOVO has also launched a blockchain expert center with the support of Waves.

The Waves team hopes that the support of popular tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will attract new users and traders to the platform.

“You will soon see new trading pairs with ERC-20 tokens. Last year, we voted for the listing of the bancor token (BNT) of the ERC-20 standard, which became the first candidate for listing on Waves DEX. So we did it. The next asset that can be added through the gateway is ETH. And then we will get to bitcoin, we plan to do this in September, ” the statement said

Recently, the Waves platform launched
tokenized market for game items Item Market. This platform allows game developers to easily integrate an open economy into their projects, as well as offering players a secure way to trade their digital items.

Today it became known that the SKOLKOVO Technopark has launched a joint expert center on distributed registry technology, created by the SKOLKOVO Foundation and Waves.

The main task of the Center is to promote blockchain developments in response to business requests, as well as the development of the market for blockchain-based projects and products in Russia and abroad. Waves Enterprise, a division of Waves focused on corporate projects, will provide expert and analytical support to the Center in the field of technology development and expanding the scope of blockchain applications for solving corporate and public sector problems.

It is expected that the Center’s clients and partners will be large companies from different sectors of the economy; government agencies that need consulting on the use of distributed registry technologies (in particular, piloting business cases); startups that need assistance in bringing their technological solutions to the market; investors who interact with blockchain startups and are interested in their expert assessment, as well as educational institutions.