Reddit announced a partnership with the Ethereum Foundation

Reddit announced a partnership with the Ethereum Foundation

A Reddit employee, known by the pseudonym jarins, announced a partnership between the company and the Ethereum Foundation , a non — profit organization that supports the development and development of Ethereum.

On the evening of January 27, the Ethereum subreddit appeared
a message from one of the Reddit admins announcing the partnership and congratulating the Ethereum community. A Reddit employee, known to users as jarins, writes that this is the company’s first partnership in the blockchain industry.

According to the administrator, Reddit, with daily activity of more than 50 million users in hundreds of thousands of groups, remains one of the largest platforms for the independent development of many communities. With this partnership, the company will expand its participation in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, accelerate the development of the Ethereum ecosystem and give it new resources. Thus, millions of users will learn about the value and independence of blockchain technology.

The collaboration started with the Scaling Bake-Off online conference held on Reddit, and is now taking it to a new level. With the help of Rediit, Ethereum will get new scaling opportunities in the development and development of decentralized applications. The Ethereum team will get the technology to develop and run high-load applications, such as Community Points. They will give users new opportunities for decentralized ownership and self-management of communities.

Community Points is a program to motivate users and give them the opportunity to manage their own communities on Reddit. Community Points is currently in beta on the Rinkeby test network and is being tested on the r/CryptoCurrency and r/FortniteBR subreddits. Under this program, users receive tokens (CP) for useful articles and comments. These tokens are traded on the blockchain and are not controlled by Reddit. You can spend them on badges, emojis, animated pictures, etc. But most importantly, the owner of a large number of CP gains more weight in voting and decision-making within the community.

On the part of Reddit, a specialized team will be engaged in development on the blockchain, which already has vacancies for engineers and other employees. And jarins promises some more “exciting news” over the next few months.

The community received the information about the partnership with enthusiasm and more than a hundred comments have already been left under the article. Jarins wrote that he and several people from the Ethereum Foundation will monitor the branch and answer all users ‘ questions.