Chinese Mining Firm Uses Hasee Gaming Laptops to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Chinese Mining Firm Uses Hasee Gaming Laptops to Mine Cryptocurrencies

A Twitter user posted photos of a mining farm in China, where Hasee gaming laptops with Nvidia RTX 30-series video cards are used to mine cryptocurrency.

This week, Twitter user harukaze5719 posted photos from one of the Chinese mining farms. The rooms in the photo are filled with several hundred laptops popular among gamers, which, according to the user, are equipped with Nvidia RTX 30-series video cards.

The WCCTech publication reported that the laptops were released by the Chinese manufacturer Hasee and are used for mining cryptocurrencies using popular Nvidia video cards. Some laptops do not have a case to provide optimal cooling for continuously running graphics cards.

When the popularity of cryptocurrencies began to grow, miners began to actively buy video cards, which caused the dissatisfaction of gamers. In early 2018, the world’s largest video card developer and manufacturer, Nvidia, asked retailers of its video cards to give priority to gamers, not miners.

As a rule, retailers and distributors set limits on the number of products purchased that are in high demand. According to WCCTech, a wholesale purchase deal could have been made between a retailer, distributor, or laptop manufacturer and a mining company.

According to the publication, entry-level laptops are sold for $999, while more advanced models will appear on the shelves at the recommended retail price of $1,999. If the images and videos are authentic, the cost of the enterprise’s mining equipment is estimated at several hundred thousand dollars.

Recall that in January, Nvidia said that it is considering the possibility of resuming the release of video cards specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies, if there is a demand for them.