Mining farm caused a fire in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg

Mining farm caused a fire in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg

In a communal apartment in the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg, there was a fire caused by the ignition of a mining farm, the owner of which did not provide for an emergency shutdown.

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With reference to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in St. Petersburg, in the evening of November 24, a fire started in one of the rooms of a seven-room communal apartment in the house number 36 on the embankment of the Karpovka River due to the ignition of a mining farm. Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire in forty minutes.

The owner of the farm and the owner of the room – a thirty-five-year-old man, was hospitalized with burns to his hands, back and neck. According to media reports, the victim independently assembled a farm for mining cryptocurrencies, but did not install a cooling system. This caused the device to catch fire.

Recall that in the summer in Dagestan, it was initiated
a criminal case against the operator of a mining farm that illegally consumed electricity. The miner is accused of causing damage to the energy company for 34 million rubles. In addition, in March, the police of St. Petersburg revealed an illegal connection to the power grid in order to steal electricity for mining.