Andre Cronje unveils new DeFi Deriswap project

Andre Cronje unveils new DeFi Deriswap project

The creator of the popular decentralized finance project Yearn. Finance, Andre Cronje, presented a new project called Deriswap.

According to the developer, the new protocol combines the most diverse segments of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry – swaps, options and loans-on one platform.

“Deriswap allows you to create a consolidated, efficient market for trading, options, futures, and loans. It allows liquidity providers to maintain their cryptocurrency positions, while receiving additional fees and rewards, ” Cronje said.

At the moment, there is no clear date for the launch of the new protocol, but the developer stressed that Deriswap smart contracts are currently being audited. More detailed information will be provided after completing this procedure. Right now, Cronje is looking forward to discussions and feedback from the community.

It is also not yet known whether Deriswap will have its own token. The developer decided not to comment on this point.

Recall that in September, Cronje launched the Eminence gaming protocol, but a critical vulnerability was discovered in it and investors lost $15 million.