Retail chain ELand has closed some stores due to an attack of a virus-cryptographer

Retail chain ELand has closed some stores due to an attack of a virus-cryptographer

The information systems of the Korean retail giant E-Land were attacked by a virus-cryptographer, in connection with which 23 stores of the network had to suspend work.

E-Land owns approximately 60 retail brands, mostly specializing in clothing, which are sold through 5,000 franchised retail stores. The company also owns and operates hotels and restaurants in South Korea. Due to the attack of the encryption virus, E-Land had to close 23 of the 50 stores of the NC Department Store and NewCore Outlet chains.

According to the CEO of E-Land Retail, Chang-Hyun Seok, the attack on the information systems at the company’s main office occurred on the morning of November 22. In order to prevent the spread of the ransomware virus, the E-Land IT team decided to disable some of the systems, which affected the operation of retail stores.

“The necessary measures were taken to disable the servers to prevent further infection. As a result, there was a violation of the systems in some stores. We sincerely apologize to our customers, ” Jang-hyun seok said.

The CEO of E-Land Retail added that the personal data of customers and other important information were not affected, as they are stored on separate servers. To date, no hacker group has claimed responsibility for hacking into E-Land’s computer systems. The amount of the ransom demanded by the attackers is also not reported.

Recall that a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research showed that the vast majority of companies in the Asia-Pacific region that have become victims of the ransomware virus pay a ransom.