CCB: “the bank will not trade bonds for bitcoins»

CCB: “the bank will not trade bonds for bitcoins»

A branch of CCB bank said that settlements on the issued bonds on the blockchain will be carried out by the bank only in dollars. Earlier, it was reported that the bonds will be traded for BTC.

The Malaysian branch of the world’s second-largest bank, China Construction Bank (CCB) in Labuan, published the relevant information on its website. According to the statement, the bank will facilitate “clearing and settlement of US dollar bonds” and “does not accept cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, for settlement of any of its banking operations.”

The statement emphasizes that the CCB branch in Labuan is not engaged in the issuance of bonds, but is responsible for organizing the process, listing the bonds and facilitating the clearing and repayment of bonds in US dollars.

Earlier, the Fusang exchange said in a press release that it will be possible to buy and sell bonds not only for US dollars, but also for bitcoins. However, the statement did not specify that cryptocurrency transactions will be conducted through the CCB. Recall that last week, China Construction Bank issued
bonds on the blockchain for $3 billion. The securities will be traded on the Hong Kong Fusang Exchange.

Perhaps the CCB decided to clarify the situation, since recently the bank’s president, Liu Guiping, was appointed deputy chairman of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). Conducting CCB operations with bitcoin could be ambiguously perceived by the Chinese government, which continues to test the
state-owned cryptocurrency-the digital yuan.