has added the ability to work with bitcoin options has added the ability to work with bitcoin options has expanded its own offer in the field of working with derivatives, adding the ability to work with bitcoin options. This was announced on April 13 and now the exchange now offers option contracts for bitcoin with an expiration period of 10 minutes to 1 day.

“We are pleased to present the opportunity to work with option contracts. As with futures contracts, initially we will only work with BTC options, and then we will add more digital assets, ” said Aaron Gong, vice president of Futures. added the ability to work with futures at the end of last year and recently became the market leader, beating BitMEX.

“Our offer expansion strategy has proven very effective in driving the growth of Futures and will give us the opportunity to improve the quality of the futures product. I am confident in the rapid growth of demand for options, ” Gong concluded.

The ability to trade bitcoin options is currently only available on the mobile version of the exchange platform. The addition to the main site is planned in the near future.

“The speed of adaptation of Futures is impressive. Within six months, the service has developed rapidly and has taken a leading position among cryptocurrency derivatives platforms, ” said founder Changpeng Zhao.

As you know, the company develops its business in various cryptocurrency sectors. It was said that the exchange invests a quarter of its annual profit, and last year it was about $550 million.