From one of the largest bitcoin wallets, 69,370 BTC were withdrawn, which had been lying for more than seven years

From one of the largest bitcoin wallets, 69,370 BTC were withdrawn, which had been lying for more than seven years

On the day of the US presidential election, bitcoins on one of the largest wallets began to move. Five hours ago, someone sent 69,370 BTC, not moved since October 2013.

The Whale Alert service reported a large transaction from the address a few hours ago
1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx, widely known among crypto enthusiasts and hackers. About two years ago, a wallet.dat file got into the darknet, presumably containing the keys to this address, but to no one
couldn’t crack the password.

Today, 1 BTC was first withdrawn from this wallet, and a few minutes later – the entire remaining amount, which at the current exchange rate is close to $ 950 million. Also, the same amount of Bitcoin Cash was withdrawn from it, and soon they will probably be followed by coins of other forks that are worth something.

Such total devastation speaks precisely about the hacking of the wallet, and not about the transfer to another storage at the initiative of the owner. After all, no matter how complex the password from wallet.dat is, sooner or later it can be picked up — this is many times easier than picking up the private key from the address “from scratch”. Such a huge “premium” justifies any cost of computing resources.

Until today, this address was the fourth
in the list in terms of the volume of stored bitcoins. Now this place of honor has passed to
the destination address, and this is the address of the new format bech32, or native SegWit. The owners of both addresses are unknown.

A large amount of bitcoin (69,471 BTC) was transferred to the original address on October 4, 2013 — three days before the arrest of Silk Road administrator Ross Ulbricht. Therefore, many consider this wallet to belong to Silk Road. Since then, this address has been carefully “sprinkled with dust” of microtransactions, but until today, the only outgoing transaction from it
the amount of 101 BTC occurred on April 23, 2015. This is an argument against the theory that the purse belonged to Ulbricht, since he was already in prison at that time.

Whale Alert
It suggests the connection of this wallet with the MtGox exchange that collapsed in 2014. Inevitably, other versions will arise, but the real owners of both the old and new addresses may remain unknown forever.