Ledger Users lost 1.1 million XRP due to Phishing Attacks

Ledger Users lost 1.1 million XRP due to Phishing Attacks

Users of Ledger wallets lost more than 1,150,000 XRP, becoming victims of scammers who conducted phishing attacks and lured people to a fake site.

According to XRP Forensics, the attackers send e-mails to the owners of Ledger wallets with a link to a fake version of the Ledger website, in the name of which the letter “e” was replaced with a symbol similar in spelling. On this site, users were asked to install malware that was passed off as a security update. After its installation, user assets were stolen.

The scammers moved the stolen XRP to the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange in five transactions. However, the platform was not able to withdraw these assets in a timely manner.

Ledger users also reported a phishing email from Team Ripple. People are invited to participate in the distribution of the XRP cryptocurrency as part of the “community support program”. To do this, they need to get into the “white list” and provide the seed phrase from the Ledger wallet or the private key. After receiving this secret data, the scammers use it to steal coins.

Recall that the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger reported the hacking of its marketing database back in July. This led to the leak of a million customer email addresses. Despite the fact that Ledger specialists have eliminated this vulnerability and are monitoring the appearance of possible violations, hackers decided to use the information obtained for their own enrichment.

In March, attackers managed to embezzle more than 1.4 million XRP using the fraudulent Ledger Live extension for the Chrome browser. This extension has nothing to do with the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger.