A mining center with a capacity of 100 MW will be launched in Buryatia

A mining center with a capacity of 100 MW will be launched in Buryatia

The Governor of Buryatia, Alexey Tsydenov, has allocated a 5.5-hectare site in Mukhorshibiri to Bitriver-B for the construction of a 100 MW data center. The data center will also be engaged in bitcoin mining.

Buryatia and the Irkutsk region have become very popular among mining companies thanks to the Bratskaya HPP, which provides access to cheap electricity. As part of the construction of the data center, which will become a resident of the Territory of Advanced Development, it is planned to launch a full-fledged transformer substation.

The project of the mining center was presented to the presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. The project will attract investments in the amount of 691 million rubles, and will also give jobs to 100 local residents.

In addition to cryptocurrency mining, the center will host equipment for working with blockchain, big data, the Internet of Things and cloud services. It is expected that the construction and launch of the center will take a year, but first it is necessary to carry out design and survey work.

Recently, it was reported that MineSpot plans to launch a mining center in Kodinsk. The capacity of the new data center should reach 160 MW, which will make it the largest cryptocurrency mining center in Russia. In addition, a mining farm with a capacity of 11.2 MW was launched in Norilsk.