Georgia Schools to Launch Cryptocurrency Training Programs

Georgia Schools to Launch Cryptocurrency Training Programs

Lawmakers from the Georgia Republican Party have introduced a bill that would include cryptocurrencies in the curriculum of high school students to improve their financial literacy.

The bill was introduced last week. On March 8, 169 people voted in favor of its adoption, and only two opposed it, after which the proposal was sent to the Senate for further consideration.

According to the document, lawmakers are calling on the Georgia Board of Education to develop a financial literacy program that high school students must complete. The program highlights 16 areas related to finance: savings and spending, investment, money management, credit and taxation. This list also includes cryptocurrencies.

Politicians believe that people should get basic knowledge about traditional finance and digital assets from school. The training module on cryptocurrencies will encourage students to think about the questions: “Can bitcoin become the currency of the future?”, ” Can bitcoin replace the euro, dollar and other state currencies?”, ” Do you believe in the stability of your country’s currency?»

Recall that in 2019, the French Ministry of Education also proposed to tell high school students about bitcoin, and how crypto assets affect the domestic and global economy. Russia also did not stand aside – several Russian state universities decided to launch in-depth training programs dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.