User lost 4 005 LINK after sending to wrong smart contract address

User lost 4 005 LINK after sending to wrong smart contract address

The user sent 4,005 LINKS worth about $52,800 to a smart contract that does not support them. The tokens were permanently lost in the Aavegotchi game contract.

According to an article on Github, a user mistakenly sent LINK tokens to a smart contract belonging to the DeFi Aavegotchi game. The contract does not support these tokens, so they are lost forever.

“User Dawid (@D13Kabani), a father of two, and Aavegotchi enthusiast made the mistake that every cryptocurrency user is most afraid of,” he confirmed
Developed by Aavegotchi Pixelcraft Studios.

According to the article, the user mistakenly sent most of his cryptocurrency savings to a GHST staking contract that he had previously interacted with, instead of depositing them on Binance. The developers added that since it is almost impossible to cancel such an action in the world of cryptocurrencies, user LINKS are now permanently stuck in an immutable GHST contract.

However, the Aavegotchi project decided to help the user by creating a special SantaGotchi wallet so that other cryptocurrency enthusiasts could donate money to the victim. At Christmas, Aavegotchi will transfer all the assets deposited in the wallet to him.

Developer Nick Mudge explained that the ERC-20 Ethereum standard is vulnerable to such errors.

“This is a problem of the ERC-20 standard. It does not allow you to check whether a contract can accept specific tokens. Some token standards provide protection against such situations, ” Mudge said.

As an example, he cited two proposals to improve Ethereum-ERC-777 and ERC-223. The first prevents the address from receiving assets that it does not support, while the second is compatible with the ERC-20 standard and was specifically created to prevent users from losing money due to errors.

Such mistakes happen quite often. In October, the user lost
28,050 AAVE after they are sent to the token smart contract address.