An Ethereum user solved a riddle in the Warsaw metro and received 7 ETH

An Ethereum user solved a riddle in the Warsaw metro and received 7 ETH

A puzzle with a prize of 7 ETH, placed in the Warsaw metro, was solved by one of the community members. The authors of the riddle were the organizers of events for blockchain developers.

In mid-November, an advertisement was placed in the metro of the Polish capital
, calling for solving the riddle and getting 7 ETH. According to the
organizers of the competition, the puzzle was successfully solved, and the user received a prize.

On November 16, advertisements in English with the mention of Ethereum appeared at metro stations in Warsaw. The posters read: “Solve the riddle, get the reward.” At the same time, cryptic messages started appearing on the 0xPoland Twitter account, and later, hints. According to the organizers, the first clue was hidden in the code
of the Ethereum contract itself. Participants of the competition had to call the “Solve” function and use the secret phrase as a parameter for withdrawing money.

The first hint was published three days later: “Tip: ^[A-Z].*.”, which implied that the secret message should start with a capital letter and end with a dot, and “0x01ccfbfc” is part of the solution checksum. The image posted along with the recording also contained the following phrase: “Bring my light, light by my side, light of the burning tower”. This is a quote from the song “Into the dark forest”by Elffor. So the first part of the secret phrase was “Into the dark forest”.

On November 23, 0xPoland published
Tweet another clue with the words: “The answer to the main question of life, the Universe and all that” and a long string of characters. The first sentence was an allusion to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-the answer is “42”. Deciphering a string of characters required some programming skills. After all, the second part of the catchphrase was “Down the rabbit hole”.

The third and final clue was published on November 26 in the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, both online and in print. The organizers commented on this step:

“We decided to place an ad in a Polish newspaper. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! Quite a few daily newspapers rejected our ads because they couldn’t understand the concept of the puzzle and chose to play it safe.”

The ad said: “You’ve come a long way. I have one last clue. Call me as soon as possible.” The ad included a phone number that redirected users to a pre-recorded message containing the missing elements of the full passphrase. In the end, the winner had to enter the phrase “With 0xPoland” to receive the award. Into the dark forest. Down the rabbit hole. Where adventure awaits».

After the ad was published, the winner did not take long to wait. The organizers write:

“21 minutes after the publication of the entry on Twitter with the page number of the newspaper where the hint is posted, we recorded a winning transaction. The correct hash was linked to the smart contract, and after three minutes, the puzzle-solving transaction was confirmed. A few hours later, the anonymous winner transferred the earned 7 ETH to his wallet, ” notes 0xPoland.

According to the organizers, they wanted to “cheer up” Polish cryptocurrency enthusiasts in this way.

“We are closely following the community of Polish Ethereum developers and felt that this competition could add to their thrills! We also wanted to offer developers a place where they can develop their skills and join us in building a decentralized finance infrastructure.”

The organizers said that 0xPoland is the name of a series of meetings, seminars, and hackathons for blockchain developers. The first event is scheduled for December 8.