IBM and eProvenance unveil VinAssure platform for tracking wine shipments

IBM and eProvenance unveil VinAssure platform for tracking wine shipments

IBM Corporation, together with the company eProvenance, which is engaged in quality control of wine products, introduced the VinAssure platform based on the blockchain for tracking wine supply chains.

Thanks to the IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply technology, the VinAssure platform will allow you to check the conditions of growing grapes, track the harvest, food processing, wine production, as well as its supply chains from the grape farm to grocery stores.

Wine producers, importers, transport companies, distributors, restaurants, retailers and ordinary buyers will be able to use the platform on which all the data will be stored. The IBM system will allow you to use identification codes on bottles to learn about the origin and taste characteristics of wine, as well as about the compliance of products with organic, biodynamic and environmental standards.

A member of the VinAssure platform has already become a wine importer from North Carolina, De Maison Selections, whose annual income is $22 million. IBM management said that the Bordeaux-based wine company Maison Sichel and the export division of Sainte Michelle Wine Estates also plan to use the IBM system.

“This is a great chance for the development of the wine industry. Transparency plays an important role. Such a platform will make it possible to verify the origin of thousands of bottles of wine and track their movement in the international supply chain, ” said Andre Tamers, owner of De Maison Selections.

The IBM blockchain is used by many companies working in the field of production and logistics. In June, the Norwegian Seafood Association partnered with IBM to create a blockchain-based system to monitor salmon shipments. In April, the Swiss giant Nestlé and the Rainforest Alliance began using the IBM Food Trust platform to track the full “life cycle” of coffee beans.