Raul Pal: “I sold all the gold to invest in Bitcoin and Ether»

Raul Pal: “I sold all the gold to invest in Bitcoin and Ether»

The CEO of the analytical firm Global Macro Investor, Raul Pal, placed an order to sell all the gold he has in order to invest in BTC and ETH.

This was announced by Raoul Pal on Twitter and clarified that in addition to gold, there are some bonds and US dollars in his portfolio. The money received from the sale of gold, Pal is ready to invest in bitcoin and ether in the ratio of 80 to 20.

The cryptocurrency enthusiast believes that ether outperforms bitcoin by five times, and called bitcoin an ” easy bet.” In the comments, Pal described himself as a macro player who can afford to take risks. He is not a fan of cryptocurrencies, but he is ready to use the opportunities that they open up to people. Pal warned users that they should not follow his example, and recommended that they independently study what assets to invest in.

However, Pal believes that the cryptocurrency market is trending upward. The head of Global Macro Investor expects that even conservative institutional investors, who usually prefer precious metals, will start investing in bitcoin next year. Therefore, Pal made a bold assumption that in a year the rate of the first cryptocurrency could reach $250,000. Earlier, Pal said that due to the pandemic and the economic crisis, bitcoin can become the world’s reserve currency, which will lead to its explosive growth.

Pal is also the CEO of the Real Vision channel. Recently, in an interview with this channel, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, said that his company is ready to store bitcoins for 100 years, as it considers this crypto asset to be the best means to preserve value.